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We provide many tree cutting and tree care services in Conroe. Our professional tree crews are friendly and well experience and putting safety first. Each job is different and requires special detail attention what the customer wants. Conroe Tree Service will help you decide what trees you want cut or what maintinance is needed for trimming. Tree trimming can consist of many different types of trims and pruning services, so chose a tree service that is well qualified to trim your trees properly and help maintain there life for years to come. With low prices and professional tree care we can help keep your pocketbook full and your trees healthy.

What Are Some Of Our Services?

Some of our tree cutting services include: arborist services, tree removal, tree trimming, tree shaping, tree pruning, landscaping, landscape design, tree planting, tree fertilization, tree debris removal, lot clearing, limb removal, branches cut, dead tree removal, dangerous tree removal, stump grinding, bobcat work, tree surveying, emergency tree services, and land clearing.

Tree Pruning - Pruning your trees will help promote growth and help keep their shape as they grow for years to come. What are some reasons people prune there trees? Well pruning is done in many different ways. Removing the dead limbs, or cleaning out the inside growth beautifies your trees. Many fruit trees require pruning because it promotes healthier fruits and helps the tree grow faster. Dead branches and limbs suck your trees nutritional intake and could end up killing your tree in long term. Our tree pruning service in Conroe can help you decide what and how much you need to prune. 

Tree Trimming - Conroe tree trimming services will can help you trim or cut back any unwanted limbs or branches you need cut. Trimming limbs away from your home and driveway can prevent future damage to your cars and home. Others need limbs raised from there lawn so more light can shine on there grass or garden. New construction may be in process so trees may need to be cut back to allow building construction to go up. Tree Shaping can improve the appearance of your trees while they grow. Hurricanes have broken and tore out big gaps in you trees, which may require your trees to be shaped so structural form can maintain. For great prices and professional tree trimmers call today and save!


Tree Removal - Removing a tree may need to be done for many reasons. If your tree is blocking sunlight form getting to your grass, or if it is dead and about to fall. Some other reason consist are if construction is going up and it is in the way, then you may need to have it cut down. Dead or dying trees should be removed immediately to prevent future damage if they fall. When a tree is dead it is more dangerous and is more of a liability which could affect the price of your removal. So remove your trees as soon as you they are dead to prevent extra cost. We offer many solutions to tree removal, and can remove any tree large or small. Trees that are in tight places, next to your pool, in the back yard, around your wooden deck we can help remove them. Our tree removal Conroe, Texas service is ready to help.

Tree Fertilizing - We fertilize all types of trees from hardwoods to evergreens. Deep root tree fertilizing helps the growth and immune system of your trees. Fertilizing is mostly done in spring time and may also be done in late fall. Fertilizing helps fight off diseased and brings out the beauty of your trees by making green and full of color.
Tree Spraying -
Spaying your trees for diseases and bugs can help ensured there life. Diseases can affect all types of trees, form pines, oaks, elms, holly, red tips, and pecans. Conroe Tree Service offers a tree spraying against bugs, mold, diseases, pine beetles and aphids.

Trees Beautified - This process can bring out the best your trees have to offer. Tree Beautification is trimming, pruning, and shaping your trees according to your needs and wants. It will make your lawn and yard bring out the beauty of your property or home. Call for a free quote on getting your trees beautified.

Stump Grinding - We carry (2) types of stump grinders. For those hard to reach stumps in the backyard or in tight places are 36 inch grinder can help. From small stumps to large fields of countless stumps Conroe stump grinding service is ready to help.

Pine Bark Beetle Spraying -
Preventive spray is applied to the tree trunk from the ground up to a height of 30 feet or where the trunk narrows to 6 inches, whichever comes first. For example, if a tree trunk narrows to 6 inches at a height of 22 feet, only the lower 22 feet of trunk need spraying. In contrast, if another tree narrows to 6 inches at a height of 54 feet, only the lower 30 feet of trunk needs spraying. Spraying should wet the bark, but only to the point of run-off. To adequately spray a typical, large pine takes about 2-4 gallons of spray mixture. The entire circumference must be treated. Pine foliage and branches under 6" in diameter do not need to be sprayed. Spraying should be done with an eye on the weather. Avoid excessively windy or freezing days. At least two hours of rain-free weather should follow the application to allow proper drying. Use formulations that are labeled for bark beetle prevention and specifically designed for use on trees. Usually these contain additives called “stickers” which allow better adherence to bark. It is a good idea to identify or “mark” trees which have been sprayed. Placing a spot of spray paint at the base of treated trees is one method. An occasional problem which occurs in carbaryl-sprayed trees is spider mite build-up. Spider mites are tiny spider relatives that discolor needles in the process of feeding. A rule of thumb is to add miticide every third year of consecutive bark beetle preventive spraying.

Crane Work -
Cranes are used when a tree is to dead to climb or if massive weight needs to be lifted in an unusual area. If you have a tree on your home then a crane may need to be used. Use our crane lifting for all your dangerous trees and delicate lifts.

Debris Removal
- Excess brush, logs, sticks, fallen trees, or debris can be cleaned up and removed with our debris removal service. Storms and hurricanes blow over trees that can add up to massive amounts of debris. If you need debris removal service call and our tree crews can removal all unwanted debris and brush from your property. When cutting a tree down you may not realize how much debris there is going to be. Our low prices on debris removal can help your get rid of your debris situations.
Limb And Branch Removal - Call for limb, branch, dead limbs, sucker, trims, and unwanted branch removal service.

Lot And Land Clearing Service - When it comes to clearing lots, our professional lot clearing service is considered one of the best in Conroe, TX. Conroe lot clearing service is fast and reliable and can help your decide what trees to keep or remove. We carry all the equipment to clear your lot or land safely and efficently. 

Bobcat Work - You can rent our bobcat services by the hour or day rate. Bobcats can help you move brush, logs, trees, stumps and debris.

Conroe Tree Service (713) 966-9595 Free Estimates.

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